Re-Elect Ryan Davidson as Ada County Commissioner

Ryan Davidson
as Ada County Commissioner

    “Lower Property Taxes and Responsible Growth”

    The Republican Primary is May 21, 2024

    As Ada County Commissioner, I’ve Worked Hard for the People of Idaho

    Historic Tax Cuts & Property Tax Reductions!

    I’ve kept my promise to deliver on property tax relief. 

    For the first time in over 40 years, Ada County cut your taxes.

    We’ve saved the taxpayers millions of dollars and have kept property taxes under control, while maintaining the high-quality level of service residents expect.

    Meanwhile, I’ve fought for churches and charities to keep their exemptions, and I stand up for individuals fighting against unfair assessments.

    Ada County Commissioners provide $12 million in property tax relief

    By: Katie Kloppenburg
    Posted at 4:25 PM, Jun 23, 2021

    How Ada County’s $12 million tax cut will impact residents

    Author: Andrew Baertlein
    Published: 10:06 PM MDT July 21, 2021

    Ada County homeowners to see substantial savings on property tax bills

    by CBS2 News Staff
    Mon, November 6th 2023 at 8:52 PM

    Ada County homeowners to have reduced property tax bills

    Author: KTVB Staff
    Published: 6:10 PM MST November 6, 2023

    Ada County homeowners can expect lower 2023 property tax bill

    By: Christine Coates
    Posted at 3:05 PM, Nov 07, 2023

    Ada County homeowners to see hundreds of dollars of property tax relief

    By Margaret Carmel – BoiseDev Sr. Reporter
    November 28, 2023

    Protecting Ada County Kids When They’re Most Vulnerable

    We work hard to keep children out of jail. Last year we cut the ribbon on an innovative new juvenile facility known as “The Bridge.” It’s a place where law enforcement can bring kids to get them help instead of taking them to jail. Trained professionals work with them and their parents to correct the bad behavior and give them a “bridge” to a better future.

    The Bridge: New youth and family resource center opens in Ada County

    Author: Jude Binkley
    Published: 6:57 PM MDT August 21, 2023

    At our main detention facility, we make sure troubled kids get the help they need, while they are held accountable for their actions. Once released, our probation officers continue to work with them and their families in order to provide better outcomes.

    I voted to make major improvements to the aging building, including a new recreation yard, which is being completed with NO local tax dollars!


    • New project to convert landfill gas to electricity, generating millions of dollars for taxpayers
    • Ryan achieved a $15 minimum-wage for landfill employees
    • New Director, increased staff training, and improved culture


    • Supported major upgrades to guarantee secure elections
    • Elections office remodel for increased public access and transparency


    • Reduced restrictions on developing your property
    • Cut red tape and wait times
    • Responsive to neighborhood concerns


    • Expanded mental health treatment
    • Ended the obsolete vehicle emissions testing program
    • Brought water to SE Ada County where wells were running dry
    • Expanded drug treatment services
    • Stopped mask mandates, shutdowns, and wasteful COVID spending
    • Hired a fleet manager to save money on county vehicles
    • Tackled homeless issues
    • Making improvements to the jail without going into debt
    • Haven’t cost taxpayers a dime in court judgments or settlements
    • Successfully managed a record-setting season at Barber Park with over 150,000 floaters
    As of 2022, all of Ada County’s elected officials are Republicans!