Ryan Davidson for Ada County Commissioner

We won! Thank you for your support!

Ryan Davidson is committed to lower property taxes and responsible management of growth.


Lower Property taxes
  • Ryan Davidson will be a commissioner who is committed to lowering your property taxes by controlling Ada County’s spending and by getting the state law changed to restrict sky rocketing appraisals from the county assessor’s office.
  • Ada County’s budget has increased more than five times the annual rate of inflation.
  • Ada County’s spending is a leading reason why residents’ property taxes have increased by 10, 20 and 30% a year.
  • Ryan Davidson opposes the way the county jail expansion is being funded. Two commissioners indebted the county with a $44.5 million debt.
  • Commissioners need to follow the law – especially when it comes to county spending.
Responsible Growth
  • Ryan Davidson believes that Ada County’s current growth management philosophy is irresponsible, and it ignores the plight of many Ada County residents.
  • Ryan Davidson believes that the high density infill philosophy of Commissioner Diana Lachiondo has caused more harm than good as our schools are overcrowded, traffic congestion is a nightmare, our air quality is worsening and public safety is at a greater risk.
  • Ryan Davidson respects the fundamental private property rights of individuals, and he believes that the commissioners need to listen to their constituents.
  • Ryan Davidson believes that rezoning areas to higher population densities must be looked at on a careful case-by-case basis.


  • Congressman Russ Fulcher
  • Former Congressman Bill Sali
  • Idaho House Speaker Mike Moyle
  • Sen. Tammy Nichols
  • Rep. Vito Barbieri
  • Rep. Judy Boyle
  • Rep. Mike Kingsley
  • Rep. Heather Scott
  • Rep. John Vander Woude
  • Rep. Tony Wisniewski
  • Former Sen. Cliff Bayer
  • Former Sen. Regina Bayer
  • Former Sen. Christy Zito
  • Former Rep. Chad Christensen
  • Former Rep. Priscilla Giddings
  • Former Rep. Megan Kiska
  • Former Rep. Bryan Zollinger
Ryan with Congressman Russ Fulcher at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Questions? Call Ryan Davidson at 208-353-8157