Ryan Davidson for Ada County Commissioner

✓ Pro‑Trump   ✓ Pro‑Gun   ✓ Pro‑Idaho

A vote for Ryan Davidson is a vote to send a strong fighter to take on the Democrats in November.

Ryan Davidson has been reinvigorating the Ada County Republican Party over the last decade, bringing in new blood and fresh ideas. Ryan has strived to place individuals in office who truly support the Constitution and our Republican Platform.

As more liberals move to Ada County from out-of-state, Democrat Commissioners have been empowered to raise our taxes and expand government.

  • Restore Ada County’s economy after the pandemic by reducing business-killing regulations, taxes, and fees
  • Lower our property taxes and keep housing affordable
  • Idahoan for 25 years
  • Ada County Republican Party Chairman


  • Congressman Russ Fulcher
  • Rep. Mike Moyle
  • Senator Regina Bayer
  • Rep. Christy Zito
  • Rep. Tammy Nichols
  • Rep. Megan Kiska
  • Rep. John Vander Woude
  • Rep. Bryan Zollinger
  • Rep. Vito Barbieri
  • Rep. Heather Scott
  • Rep. Chad Christensen
  • Rep. Mike Kingsley
  • Rep. Tony Wisniewski
  • Rep. Judy Boyle
  • Rep. Priscilla Giddings
  • Former Congressman Bill Sali
  • Former Senator Cliff Bayer
Ryan with Congressman Russ Fulcher at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Questions? Call Ryan Davidson at 208-353-8157


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