Idaho Press Candidate Survey

County Commissioner Description:

County Commissioner candidates come from geographic districts within the county but are elected countywide. The commissioners are elected for rotating terms. This year District 1 candidates will be running for a four-year term, the District 2 candidates are running for a two-year term. In 2022 District 3 candidates will be running for a two-year term, and District 2 candidates will be running for a four-year term.

Q: 1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Ryan Davidson: My number one priority will be helping the local economy rebound after Covid-19 is over. These are extraordinary times, and any burdensome county regulations that would hinder economic recovery must be revised or repealed. Another priority will be to work with our other county officials to re-examine our criminal justice priorities. Cutting taxes, and reducing the budget and the heavy hand of government should be the goal of every Republican elected official. It’s time for innovation.

Q: 2. What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Ryan Davidson: I have been serving as the Chairman of the Ada County Republican Party since 2018, and am a senior member of the Idaho State Republican Central Committee. I’ve worked with elected officials at every level throughout the state. I’m an Idaho Supreme Court case-winning litigant, praised by the Justices for my abilities. I’ve authored legislation and GOP party rules, and have collaborated with Presidential candidates. I’m unrelenting in the face of government corruption and excess spending.

Q: 3. What solution would you support to address the property tax burden on residents?

Ryan Davidson: Taxation is theft. I’ll be a strong advocate for a property tax freeze at the legislative level. At the county level, it is my hope that we will regain our Republican majority so that we can have a team dedicated to reducing property taxes. Ada County is becoming a victim of its own popularity. More and more people are flocking here, causing a housing shortage, which causes house prices to rise along with property taxes. We need to increase the housing supply with innovate building proposals.

Q: 4. How will you work with cities and ACHD to respond to growth in Ada County?

Ryan Davidson: It’s time to re-examine the old ways of zoning and city planning. I support the new concepts being implemented by Garden City, with their “Live, Work, Create” district that allows a blending of commercial and residential. If we don’t want Ada County to grow outwards, we’ll need to grow upwards. Allow more high-rises outside of the downtown core. Allow the free market to come up with new ideas for how to design self-contained neighborhoods of the future, with walking distance to everything.

Q: 5 Please name a decision the county has made in the last year that you either agree or disagree with, and specify why.

Ryan Davidson: I disagree with the Democratic Commissioners who voted to authorize the importation of more refugees into the county. Ada was one of only two Idaho counties who requested the Federal Government send more refugees. This move was overwhelmingly opposed by Republican voters. While I am not against refugees in Idaho, I do not trust the federal and county government to effectively manage the program. The cost to taxpayers is substantial. More attention must be paid to assimilation programs.

Q: 6. What is the most important challenge facing the county, and how would you address it?

Ryan Davidson: Maintaining the quality of life for our residents. A major issue for the county to deal with will be the fate of the Fairgrounds and Les Bois Park. When I ran for Garden City Council over 15 years ago, I proposed a small-scale Garden City Downtown that would incorporate the Fairgrounds. There is still interest in this idea. I feel the Fairgrounds should stay where it is and should be improved, in cooperation with the surrounding cities. I would like to see horse racing return to Les Bois.



Ada County Commissioner 2020 Candidate Forum

Ada County Commissioner candidates from District 1: Ryan Davidson (R) and Diana Lachiondo (D), and District 2: Rod Beck (R) and Bill Rutherford (D) joined Dr. Jacklyn Kettler via Zoom webinar to answer questions directly from audience members. Questions were submitted during the event using the chat function, or before the event by email.